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Every creation of ours comes with a small 3D printed box that is made by us and is 50% wood, in order to be as eco and sustainable as we can. No plastic was wasted in the making of this ring!

And yes, it makes a great gift.

We can create customized items so feel free to ask us to create your dream.

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When it comes to the Louvre museum, Nike of Samotracia is the Mona Lisa of sculpture, a representative symbol statue of the Parisian temple of art. This antique greek sculpture, personification of competitive Victory – such as in sports or battles – was the central part of a great god temple built in honor of the Samotracian victory in battle. A young girl dressed in a light and soft antique dress called chiton is represented in the act of stepping on the prow of a battle ship, with the wind blowing against her and her wings. The dynamic and virtuous movement of the marble results soft and playfully breathtaking. Just wow.
Our creation is directly inspired by this forward movement of the body giving it an added impulse to transform this symbol in a wearable and comfortable masterpiece.
Thanks to the nature of the statue’s wings, the size of the ring is adjustable and therefore universal.

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Silver, Gold plated

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